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Neat and Tidy in the New Year

Growing up my house was always neat and tidy. Surfaces were clean and clutter free and a subtle sent of Pine Sol and Windex filled the air. My mom wasn’t one to hold on to things. Our school papers and artwork were admired for a short time and then recycled. We had quarterly “clean out your drawers and donate what you don’t wear or need” days. She decorated once, bought quality furniture that would last, and rarely switched out any home decor. She definitely did not have a closet full of throw pillows (dont judge me!).

My mom was probably onto something which I hate to admit. Fast forward two decades and you would think that I have it all together and my home is neat and tidy like growing up. NOPE! I don’t know if it’s my creative brain or my love of interior design but I can’t seem to get it together. So the question arises “Can minimalism and good design coexist?”

I love all things home. I am a homebody at heart and I am drawn to anything hygee. Give me a warm fuzzy blanket, cozy pillows, and a steamy cup of coffee any day. I love burning candles and thoughtful, curated vignettes. I spend my afternoons dreaming about how I could restyle my coffee table with all the unique vintage finds I scored on Facebook Marketplace. Don’t get me started on the three storage garages full of staging furniture and decor that I co-own with my business partner, Peggy. Basically I am a hoarder of cute things or what I prefer to be called— a collector.

As I ponder this new year and my hopes for my home, family and business I am drawn to the simplicity of my childhood with clutter-free spaces. You might be feeling this same way after all the holiday decor has been put away. Our lives are cluttered and crazy enough. It may be time for a fresh start in the new year and a new way of decorating.

This isn't a blog post on how to organize your life or that you should sell everything you own and start over. I want to encourage you to be mindful of what you bring into your home and life for that matter. Be intentional!

Here are a few key tips that I am trying to follow to bring more simplicity and organization to my home:

  1. Live with meaningful items. You don’t need all the new Target home collection or on-trend pieces. Collect things that mean something to you and work them into your home. A beautiful handmade vase from a local potter is unique and personal to you versus a mass produced vase from a big box store.

  2. Design with a variety of textures! A room does not need a lot of decor if you have a variety of textures. Think reclaimed wood, woven baskets, soft velvets, etc. The room will feel collected and alive versus flat and boring.

  3. Sometimes bigger is better! This is especially true in the staging business! One large piece of art on the wall can make a statement and be visually appealing to the eye. Style surfaces with an oversized item such as a large vase instead of a lot of smaller items. You will find when you edit your home in this way, it will feel less busy.

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